Monday, June 16, 2014

Not there yet

June 16, 2014

As I look back on this past year (and I'm going back to August, 2013), it has not been that great. Many, many good things have happened -- most importantly moving home to be near my family -- but overall? On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 4.

I've been a follower of Whoorl's since pre-Wito (!!!!) and have especially appreciated her sharing her journey of late. I read her post today and thought, okay, that's it -- I'm in. I even created this blog to hold myself accountable. (I added content to happy in my blog title simply because I think we can have moments of sheer happiness, but my goal is contentment.) 

Now, I've been doing some of it already (meditating, exercising -- mind you, I have a torn ACL so that's been minimal) but need to take it up a notch. I even purchased a Mala necklace for meditating. I purchased the Frangipani Mala which I just love. I like the description of the gemstones:

Prehnite: The green stone is known to increase energy and provide protection. Many believe it helps in terms of understanding problems and situations. It’s also believed to ease feelings of anger. In addition, prehnite is linked to being beneficial for the kidneys, bladder and the heart.

Honey Opal:
The stone is said to help express inner feelings of happiness and confidence, and is often called the “good luck” stone. Honey Opal is believed to strengthen awareness of feelings and institution. It’s also said to increase the ability to make money, and encourage good work relationships.

Agate: The stone is known to rebalance and harmonize the body, mind and spirit. It is also known to cleanse and stabilize the aura, banishing negativity. Agate is believed to stimulate and strengthen our analytical capabilities, encouraging us to think clearly and concentrate upon the task at hand. It’s also believed that the stone allows us to gain inspiration from spiritual worlds.

I had a job interview in NYC last week and wore it. (I highlighted the most important reasons.) Below is a pic pre-interview (with it wrapped around my wrist) as well as one with the most important person in my life, my daughter Anna. 

Until tomorrow. Peace.